daemon poetica


Adam Mitchell cut his teeth drumming for legendary Kansas based hardcore unit, The Esoteric. After leaving The Esoteric, Adam then went on to form Hammerlord in 2008. Hammerlord has since become the premier Thrash Metal unit in the Midwest, proving Adam's amazing grasp on strong structure, composition and the value of well written material.

Over the corse of the last few years, Adam has quietly been working on his first solo product. This project has evolved through time to reflect the unique grasp of writing that Adam possesses. With the core composition and performance all completed by Adam in his personal studio, DAEMON Poetica is a look deep inside what makes Adam tick and his incredible ability to express emotion throughout not only his drumming, but his guitar, bass, keys and vocal talent.

Inertia is the first solo release from DAEMON Poetica. It takes you on a long, dark and twisting journey through Adam's mind. Once you make the journey and come out on the other end, your perception of the '1 man band' concept will be forever changed.