Hailing from the center of the universe (A.K.A. Lawrence, KS.) comes HAMMERLORD; whose hybrid sound brings a sincere and fresh take on modern metal. "HAMMERLORD jumps no trend. They play fast, relentless Midwest metal with punk and thrash influences. They do it completely on their own terms, exactly how they want to. -BRAD GUNNARSON, STATUSFEAR MEDIA

Continuing on with their independent spirit, the band has upped the ante with their sophomore release, "WOLVES AT WAR'S END". This CD hits stores July 13th 2010 via Init Records (who also put out their self-titled debut CD).

Immediately after the release of their first CD (which the band financed and recorded themselves), Hammerlord went on the road, and held their own, with such established acts as TESTAMENT, EXODUS, VALIENT THORR, DEVIL DRIVER, WARBRINGER, DARKEST HOUR, JUCIFER, STATIC-X, EARLY MAN, PRO-PAIN, UNEARTH and more. While creating a dedicated fan base, getting moderate airplay from college radio, and receiving rave reviews from critics, in 2009, Hammerlord were named "BEST METAL BAND" by Pitch Magazine. Towards the end of 2009 into early 2010, the band wrote, recorded, produced, and mastered their second offering, "WOLVES AT WAR'S END". No small feet for an underground band, but alas, the lord's D.I.Y. work ethic was unstoppable. The band has already played shows regionally in support of "Wolves". You can now stream the entire new record, with lyrics and artwork, at http://hammerlord.bandcamp.com/. The band is looking to release both of their records on vinyl with digital downloads as soon as possible. More info can be found at http://www.myspace.com/hammerlordslaysyou

HAMMERLORD was formed in 2008 when drummer Adam Mitchell met guitarist Ty Scott. According to Mitchell, "At the time I was working at a local record store and Ty would come in once a week to raid the metal section, which I took much pride in maintaining. Naturally we became friends, and eventually started jamming." -Adam Mitchell

The chemistry between them was immediate and the two began demoing songs. Adam passed this material on to vocalist Stevie Cruz, who he was familiar with from doing time together in The Esoteric. "As soon as I heard what these dudes were up too I knew we had something heavy going on, so i dived right in and we started recording" -Stevie Cruz. That recording eventually became their debut full length. What started off as a fun recording project became a full fledged band when guitarist JP Gaughan, and bassist Terry Taylor (Blinding Light, Nodes Of Ranvier, Calgari) were recruited. Soon after the band began playing live.

As some say: The rest is history, but in the eyes of the band it was just the beginning. Currently, tours are being planned, and new video just filmed, in support of WOLVES AT WARS END. Look for the disc in stores and for the band who will be slaying a town near you very soon.