Tennessee Murder Club - Carving a Legacy


Released in 2011, Carving a Legacy stomped a giant footstep in Midwest Metal. The Debut album from TMC proved that Death Metal is alive and well in the Heartland.

"I'm pretty sure the band consists of serial killers covering their faces with the horror of their victims; they went a step further to multiply the list of their artifacts and embraced music so as to inflict their dominance to a wider extent. One may notice that they definitely have their faster moments where a form of sickening violence unfolds. The band proves, though, that the real lurking horror lies in their mid-tempo passages that have to be the personification of slow torture and are filled with murder-for-pleasure through the eyes of the victimizer; you're the victim. There's a certain groove in the guitars and it couldn't be missing, it's death metal we're talking about after all. The rhythm section strengthens the groove factor but also lends more dynamism to the compositions just like it should." - MetalStorm.net

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