The rough early assembly of what was to become Suffer was formed in 1989 during the very birth of the Death Metal movement. While everyone mentally jumps to the Florida scene as the only happenings in those early years, Suffer was taking root and creating their own unique voice heard in a brand new genre. Far ahead of their time, Suffer worked against the grain of the slow developing Midwest music scene to help open minds and create one of the most powerful veins of extreme metal ever. By the mid 90's Suffer had established themselves as the most extreme metal unit in the Central United States playing from the Rockies to the Great Lakes. If there ever was a 'right place at the right time', Suffer represented the complete flip of that coin. Suffer released dozens of songs in a handful of demo recordings that have all long since been out of press making them nearly impossible to find. The true Pioneers of Midwest Death Metal, Suffer wrote, recorded and released with the sole goal of being the most brutal band possible. There is no doubt that Suffer played a pivotal roll in the the birth, nurture and growth of the Death Metal movement in the MIdwest. Suffer disbanded as permanently before the new millennium eclipsed.

Fast forward fourteen years, Suffer had returned to finish what they started. "There were a lot of things left incomplete. It has been haunting me that so many songs have been left unreleased. This will be the first opportunity for us to really record and give this material the attention is deserves. We are also tossing in a few of our older tracks that are my personal favorites that I feel never got a fair shake. This will, without a doubt be the album that should be been 15 years ago." C.R. Petit

The new Suffer line up features the backbone of what has always made Suffer unique, the relentless drumming of Josh Ferrie and animalistic vocals of C.R. Petit. Bass and rhythm duties will be picked up by Jason Ellsworth. Jason was the last standing bassist for Suffer during their final run and demo recordings. Lead guitar has been filled by Daron Petit. As C.R.'s older brother, Daron had the unique position of watching the birth and evolution of Suffer along the complete journey. Things have come full circle and now Daron is bringing his guitar prowess to Konqbine.