Tennessee Murder Club


Born from the darkness that fuels our greatest fears, Tennessee Murder Club have risen to become one of the undergrounds greatest horror bands. In an era of porngore, splatter and bad lyric shock value driven extreme metal, the Tennessee Murder Club bring a rejuvenated nod to the origins of horror and the concept of aiding the mind to wonder , generate and spawn off of it's own fears. TMC is a must see live band, with equal parts sonic and visual disturbance. TMC live is a total sensory assault with visuals that will open the gates of your childhood nightmares and flood your mind with some of the most disturbing visuals.

With solid roots in classic 90's death metal and decades of collective history in Midwest pioneering bands, the members of the Tennessee Murder Club create not only some of most brutal Death Metal around, but do it with complete respect for the origins and roots of it's genre. With the main focus of modern extreme metal being speed and technical prowess, how many bpm's bands can clip out, gravity blasts and piles and piles of insanely technical guitar riffs that no one will ever remember....TMC once again has chosen a different path. Their ability to write intensely heavy yet articulate and well composed song structures will leave lasting riffs and hooks embedded in your memory, something that so many bands seemed to have lost or deemed an acceptable sacrifice for speed and technical bragging rights.

Tennessee Murder Club just released their second full length entitled 'Human Harvest'. Their sophomore release is their debut on Nailjar Records and is loaded with their best material to date. 'Human Harvest' displays the growing cult following that TMC has built since 2011 just how far their claws have reached into the genre with guest appearances by Jack Owen (Deicide/ex-Cannibal Corpse), Mike Flores (Origin), Shuane Kelly (Dim Mak/Flesh Consumed/ex-Hate Eternal) and Steven Tucker (War Father/ex-Morbid Angel). In addition to the sonic version of the release, TMC will also be pairing the audio CD with a visual DVD as a tandem release. Much in the same way they attack live shows, TMC will have a visual window into their world with a DVD loaded with live footage, studio footage, interviews and several music videos. All of which will give insight into the persona that makes the Tennessee Murder Club so unique.